• Core Alignment Mediationfor Divorce

    We use a proprietary mediation model, The Core Alignment Process, which addresses both the legal issues and the relationship dynamics.

    The relationship dynamic between the spouses is the context inside of which the legal issues get handled. The more conflict, the more expensive, time consuming and emotionally stressful.

    Core Alignment Mediation creates a context that effectively minimizes the conflict and, at the same time, builds effective communication between the spouses that last long after the divorce is over.

    Divorce if often one of the most difficult and challenging experiences in a person's life. Using Core Alignment Mediation absolutely makes the process less expensive, less time consuming, and, perhaps most important, less emotionally stressful.

  • Benefits of Core Alignment Mediation

    The better the relationship, the better the negotiation.


    Greater Control

    Mediation increase the control that you have over the outcome. You are directly involved in negotiating the agreement and no settlement is imposed on you. In court, you have to live with the judge''s decisions. In mediation, you are in charge.


    Faster Outcome

    Mediation enables you to reach an agreement much faster than in court. Mediation may take months, and court could take years.


    Reduced Costs

    Conflict is the drive of how much your divorce costs. The more conflict, the more expensive. Mediation, in particular, Core Alignment Mediation, directly works to resolve conflicts in a way that develops effective communication skills so that conflicts get resolved once and for all.



    Core Alignment Mediation is amazingly effective in enabling you to work through the difficult issues, particularly the emotionally charged ones, to bring you to a strong and lasting resolution.


    Better Relationship

    In the beginning you were in love. Then life happened. Now you are ending your marriage. Regardless of the reason your marriage is ending, you will still have a relationship, especially if children are involved. So, what kind of relationship do you want?


    We are committed to you having a better relationship at the end of the divorce than you do now and one which has a positive impact on your children, your family and your friends. While this may seem impossible at this point, we assure you that it is possible.

  • Our Purpose

    We help our clients express love for the people that are most important to them.

    Sean Love Mason, Esq.

    Attorney at Law

    I’m Sean Love Mason and I started Mason Love Law in 2007 (formerly Mason Law Group). The purpose of Mason Love Law is to help our clients express love for the people who are most important to them. Our practice focuses primarily on Divorce Mediation, and we also do estate planning, trust administration and probate.


    Giving back to the community is very important to me. I have served on the Board of Directors of Life Chronicles, Girls Inc. The American Youth Soccer Organization, Santa Barbara Family YMCA, as well as worked with The Alliance for Living and Dying Well. I currently volunteer for Anything Is Possible Foundation.


    I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara (1988), and a Juris Doctorate from Whittier Law School (1994). I was admitted to the California State Bar (1994), and became certified as a mediator by the Los Angeles County Bar Association (1992) and received advanced training with Ken Cloke.